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Jalini Alias

JALINI ALIAS holds a MBA & is presently gearing herself up for her Doctorate. She is a trainer certified by PSMB & the originator of the "Success Diamond" philosophy. She published her first book in 2008.

She has appeared in RTM2's Morning Glory Programme, where she shares some of her experiences & knowledge in various areas. Due to her skills in communication, Miss Jalini has held various positions in which she has performed customer relations/ customer service/ marketing functions throughout her 17 years of working experience.

Her last place of employment before she became a full-time trainer & business person was as Vice President IMARCOM (Integrated Marketing & Communication) with a service-related company. In her position she has managed, evaluated, trained & most importantly inspired marketing & customer relations staff in branches throughout Malaysia to continue serving customers better.

Miss Jalini has worked in various organisations, & on freelance & consultation basis has dealt with many more. During the course of her various responsibilities, she has travelled to the United States, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and spoken to people from countries such as America, Australia, United Kingdom, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand & many others.

Miss Jalini has trained employees from organisations such as PETRONAS, Shell, Pos Malaysia, PDRM, Bank Negara, Maybank Fortis (Etiqa), Public Mutual, Open University (OUM), University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), KPTM, Perwaja Steel, Maju Holdings, Percetakan Nasional Berhad, Protect Print, Trans-Asia Shipping Corporation (TASCO), Giant, Jaya Jusco, Jabatan Peguam Negara, Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Akademi Audit & various colleges, manufacturing companies, hotels & other service-oriented firms.

She is also Corporate Director of Al-Arena as well as NoorGem, Administration & HR Director of Geo Global Link Sdn Bhd & Founding Consultant of ACE (Associated Consortium for Excellence). She continues to be a confirmed workaholic & derives energy & joy from her training programmes.