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Ab. Aziz Osman

AB. AZIZ OSMAN, has accumulated around 30 years of industry and commercial work experience during the span of his career which includes Oil & Gas and in the Automotive industries.

He has worked for BP, a major multi-national oil corporation, for 10 years in various positions starting as an accountant and finally as the human resource manager responsible for industrial relations, HR capital development and compensation & benefit for the group. He was actively involved in the change process undertaken by the group at that time.

In 1993, he was head hunted to start Perodua and has been one of the key driving forces in setting up Perodua Group of Companies from day one. He spent 13 years of his career there. His early years there saw him putting in place the human resources policy, human capital development programs and the accounting system for the group. While in Perodua, he has been responsible for the sales company's finance, human resources and property division, and his last post was as the person responsible for the group human resources & human capital development.

He brings a diverse perspective to all of his projects, along with a dedication to doing "what works," as opposed to what "should work." He also brings experience in creating performance-based curriculum for professional and management development in organizations.

He is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM)/Khazanah working committee in their endeavour to introduce an internationally recognized HR certification to validate mastery in the field of human resource management and to promote organizational effectiveness.

He has conducted numerous training programs for various private and public organizations. He was involved in various training programs for the newly graduated Malaysian graduates under the:-

1. Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS)
2. UTM/IMREC young graduate core training (YGRAT) and
3. Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI)–UiTM Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program

He has also conducted Industrial Relations, Leadership and Team Building programs for major clients such as UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd, Hei Tech Padu Group, BP Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Perodua Group and Giant Hypermarket.

Aziz has extensive consultancy experience in:

Management Development – Using management training to develop competencies in selection, planning/review, assessment of potential, and succession. The HR function becoming a major component in the executive decision making process and in organizational planning.

Strategic HR Management – Linking the Human Resources function and activities to the strategic/business plan, i.e.:-

1. Compensation & Benefit Consultation
2. Talent Management
3. Job Analysis
4. Training Needs Analysis
5. Competencies Gap Analysis
6. Performance Management & Coaching
7. Executive Coaching
8. Succession Planning
9. Organizational Climate Survey

Managing Change – working with those who are stimulated to change; create game plans to implement change; and, help leaders develop a cohesive team that can formulate solutions to the problems caused by change. His approach to change management will help participants build support for new initiatives, identify even hidden resistance to change, and enable them to become more successful at leading change in their organization. They will have a better understanding of the process of change, how they can be a positive force in driving that change, and best practices for implementing change in their organization.

Ab Aziz holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of East London and a Master's degree in Finance from Oklahoma City University and has taught graduate classes.