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    - A Modular Approach


    Leadership Development Program is the process of encouraging and helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. It is the human factor that helps a group identify where it is going and then motivates it towards its goals. Without leadership and management development in an organization consists only of a group of uncoordinated people and machines. It is likened to an orchestra without a conductor to lead it. An organization requires leadership and the management to develop and stretch its resources to the maximum. Leadership transforms potential into reality.

    - Topics Covered

    Customer Focus

    No business development competency can be demonstrated without a thorough knowledge of the industry we are in and how it focuses on the customer. Here it is not only mere product knowledge, but also how the business works, the market place we operate in meeting the dynamic needs of the customer. In order to be highly effective as “Succession Managers” one needs to be extremely active in seeking out information, so as to understand and also contribute effectively to the way your business will need to develop in the future.

    Managing & Leading Change

    The famous maxim “You cannot do today’s business with yesterday’s method and hope to achieve success tomorrow” holds true in the future propagation of many companies. Change will lash at your organization from two directions – internal and external. It is better to get knocked by leading the change, than to rot without managing it.

    Strategic Creativity & Innovation

    Strategic creativity is a state of the mind. Managers will have to prepare themselves to be open to new ways of thinking, and be adaptable enough to take controlled risks. These start with one having confidence to believe that one ban be creative, and treating ideas generation as a priority and finding time for organizational innovation. Here it also involves challenging the quality on conventional ways of doing things.

    Decision Making / Problem Solving

    Problem solving and decision making is a process of focusing on gathering as much data as possible, understanding the complexity of the problem and the decision to be made. Here it also involves the intuitive thinking of seeing the whole problem clearly, identifying the patterns and trends that is involved in rational decision making.

    Performance / Result Orientation

    Managers, as leaders themselves at times need to inspire themselves to achieve the business vision through personal conviction and commitment. Performance / result orientation can be enhanced if it is planned and controlled. By setting objectives and organizing activities and opportunities, it is possible to bring about the kinds of experiences which might be constructive and results oriented.

    Transformational Thresholds

    Transformation thresholds is a competence which is difficult to demonstrate without knowledge of all of the above competencies. People who are highly effective here need to be extremely active in seeking out information. In addition to thinking strategically, time must also be made to apply it. This will involve in thinking above and more broadly than ones current operating level and also contributing to the way the overall business develops.

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