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    - A Modular Approach


    Without their support staff, managers cannot perform their job effectively and efficiently. The backbone of the manager needs to be strengthened in terms of productivity, attitude, performance, etc. This program is set to enhance and upgrade individuals to perform their jobs confidently through effective working skills, appropriate knowledge and right attitude.

    Topics Covered

    Personal Mastery

    Elements of professionalism
    Knowing your self-image
    Developing positive mental attitude

    Continuous Professional Development

    Why it is important
    What Continuous Professional Development entails
    Change management


    Understanding the concept of value adding
    Mapping the value-adding canvas
    Value-adding strategies

    Professionalism in the Office

    Self-assessment: Professionalism Audit
    Identifying the gaps
    Closing the gaps

    New Work Habits of the 21st Century

    Developing effective habits
    Working with diversity
    What are positive attitudes?
    How does positive work habits assist productivity in an organization?

    Enhance Interpersonal / Communication Skills

    Listening, questioning & speaking
    Body language
    Voice quality
    Giving / receiving feedback with confidence

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    Linking EQ to your job
    Managing your emotions
    Creative thinking

    Building Relationships and Networks

    Interpersonal skills
    Understanding personality
    Building a network
    Professional relationships
    Resolving conflicts

    Service Culture

    Developing service attitude
    Service formula
    Internal vs external

    Time & Stress Management for Personal Effectiveness

    Why don’t people manage their time?
    How to achieve more with your time
    Stress and work organizing
    Planning / prioritizing

    Opening the Windows to Creative Thinking (TOB)

    Thinking out of the box
    Techniques in generating ideas
    Proactive and reactive techniques

    Personal Empowerment towards Excellence

    The excellence journey
    The E.X.C.E.L principle
    Setting priorities
    Long range planning
    Empowering teams & individuals

    Motivation for Higher Productivity

    Are you a motivated employee?
    What would make you work harder?
    Teaming for excellence – taking charge

    Present & Future Work Environment
    Enhancing your value to the organization
    Redefining and clarifying your role in changing times
    Ingredients for empowerment

    What is Conflict? How conflict happens?
    Four recognizable stages in the conflict process
    Factors affecting conflict
    Contributors to conflict
    Benefits of conflict

    Developing Action Plans

    How to re-evaluate what you are currently doing
    Tips on how to implement constructive change
    Analyse pre & post questions

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