MySeminars Exhibitions team is highly skilled in the creation and staging of successful exhibitions. We know how to facilitate valuable business and networking opportunities and ensure every exhibitor is given the best possible platform for marketing themselves.

Whether your exhibition is the networking hub of your conference or a standalone trade fair, we know how to get the dynamics of the live show exactly right. We understand the art of the floor plan, how to create inviting spaces, encourage the flow of foot traffic and maximise opportunities for communication.

Our highly experienced exhibitions team will help you develop your exhibition concepts, secure exhibitors, drive attendance and stage manage the entire show. We have long-term relationships with all the key venues and our trusted suppliers are the best in the business.

Our exhibition management services include:

  • Exhibition concept development

  • Venue and supplier contract negotiation

  • Exhibitor and sponsorship sales, and communication

  • Marketing, promotion and website development

  • Financial management, budgets and cash flow projections

  • Comprehensive project and risk management

  • Floor planning and spatial design

  • Stand installation and logistical support

  • Lighting, AV and technical support

  • Seamless 'go-live' coordination and management