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Coaching & Counselling For Performance (Course CD)

Coaching & Counselling For Performance (Course CD)
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This CD contains a training manual for the Coaching & Counseling For Performance



Coaching, counselling and mentoring for success is a comprehensive program which will help managers to become effective coaches and mentors.

Strong coaching and mentoring skills are invaluable to any business. Through effective coaching and mentoring managers can encourage and motivate staff, change attitudes, bring in new ideas and increase job satisfaction. Coaching and mentoring is not a "Top-Down" process in which a boss tells a subordinate what is wrong in coaching for success. Using the coaching for success process builds trusting relationships with the people they head and supervise. The Managers/Leaders use dialogue and listening skills to determine, jointly with their subordinates, the next step to take. As part of the new paradigm, a "feedback-rich" culture is established.

Topics Covered

  • What Exactly is Coaching – Good Coaching Isn’t Nice to Have, it’s Essential
    • Coaching defined
    • Different coaching scenarios
    • Positive, proactive approach to organizational development
    • Coaching mind-set and culture
    • What coaching is “not”
  • Coaching Skills – Excellence is More Than an Accident. A Practical Hands-On Approach to All These Skills
    • Building rapport
    • Questioning
    • Observation
    • Listening
    • Matching people’s world
    • Helping people change
    • Learning to learn
    • Developing trust
    • Giving feedback
  • Questions Skills, Attitude Required of a Coach
    • Having confidence in your own abilities and knowledge
    • Interpersonal skills – genuine affinity for people
    • Sensitivity
    • Awareness
    • Observation
    • Patience
  • Coaching Styles for Different Circumstances
    • Advising
    • Instructing – when to use?
    • Counselling – how to use?
    • Coaching – appropriateness
    • Mentoring
  • Structure Approach for Coaching – 4 Key Stages
    • Competency
    • Outcome
    • Action
    • Checking
  • A Coach’s Role – You Cannot Teach a Man Anything, You Can Only Help Him Find it For Himself
    • Helping people to develop better than they are currently doing and developing their skills and confidence
    • Empathy
    • Empower others
    • Encourage others to go beyond their current levels of abilities
    • Concentrate on improving individuals, departments and organizational performance
    • Genuinely value people – their ideas and contributions
  • Identify Occasions Suitable / Unsuitable for Coaching – You See Things As They Are and Say Why But I Dream of Things That Were and Say Why Not
    • When will coaching work?
    • When will coaching not work?
    • How to create coaching opportunities?
  • Potential Pitfalls
    • Not everyone can be a coach
    • Cause of pitfalls
  • Putting It Into Practice
    • The rewards of successful coaching
    • Application of coaching
    • Critique and review
  • Introduction to Mentoring
    • Mentoring and coaching compared
    • The characteristics of an ideal mentor
    • Opportunities to act as a mentor with your own staff
    • 5 alternative roles for a mentor
    • The top 10 principles mentors use to help their people
  • Identifying What Mentors Do
    • Understand the different types of mentoring relationships
    • Identifying the types of mentoring assistance and behaviours to avoid
    • Identifying benefits to mentoring
    • Clarifying how mentoring is a partnership
  • Developing a Mentor-Mentee Agreement
    • Using effective communication skills as a mentor
    • Identifying tools to help mentoring discussions
    • Using effective listening and questioning skills
    • Dealing with difficult mentees
    • Identifying blocks to successful performance

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