Participants will learn hands-on skills in handling phone calls from customers, where they will be introduced to specific telephoning phrases, telephoning techniques to improve confidence when telephoning and telephoning practice exercises for use with his/her colleagues as well as with external callers.

To make this program even more authentic, participants will encounter the first and foremost hurdle of dealing with telephone calls; that is not being able to see the person he/she is communicating with. This lack of visual communication often makes individuals, who can communicate quite successfully in other situations, nervous thereby hindering their communicative abilities.

To consolidate the participant's communication skills, the program will also introduce the 3R's; Regret, Reason, Remedy, that will assist participants to deal with situations where he/she is unable to give a favourable answer to the caller. With the 3R's well-executed, the caller will respond more positively to such situations.