Today's management challenge demands leaders to "do more with less". To be effective, the leader is, first of all, expected to get the right things done. Effectiveness has little correlation with intelligence. While intelligence, imagination, and knowledge are essential resources, only effectiveness converts them into results.

Effective time management is the ability to prioritize and do the first things first. While everyone has equal amount of time, effective leaders can enjoy more productive lifestyles. The key to personal productivity and effectiveness is to first gain control of the events happening around oneself. These important basic skills can be learnt by everyone in order to ensure a well-balanced and productive lifestyle. This training program explore teachings form experts in time management such as F. Ducker, Hyrum Smith, Stephen R. Covey, and many others. This program includes discussions, individual exercises, video, role play and group work to give participants the best opportunities for learning – and reinforce those learning into their lives.