Effective risk management can make all the difference when it comes to delivering challenging and complex projects, and achieving business objectives. The level of risk in projects today is increasing and success crucially depends on developing an effective mindset, process and practice in relation to early risk assessment and creative risk strategies.

This 2-day program will explore techniques and approaches in modern risk management, drawing on relevant cross-industry approaches.

Throughout the program, the instructor explores how state-of-the-art concepts can be applied to risk management project. Using examples from actual projects, the course provides students with practical, ready-to-use approaches for risk planning, identifying and analyzing project risk issues, developing risk handling strategies, and monitoring progress in implementing risk handling strategies.

To ensure a practical approach the program includes an interactive case study. Exercises will explore risk discovery, analysis and response. The primary emphasis will be on early detection of risk and the application of effective risk strategies. Exercises will be team based, and will involve people in risk negotiation and communication, in addition to analysis and risk strategy development.