Performance appraisal is an organizational system comprising a deliberate process for determining staff accomplishments to improve staff effectiveness. Learning on how to align organizational strategies to individual performance plan is crucial to maximize the performance of staff.

Reaching an agreement after completing the performance plan is significant to ensure results are achieved. Performance tracking must be accompanied with good coaching skills. Behavioural competencies need to be recorded & the Situation-Behaviour-Impact (SBI) model will be introduced.

Importance of documentation as evidence of performance will be reinforced via introduction of various sample forms. Practice on how to conduct meaningful appraisal interviews & handling difficult situations will be useful to all managers.

What will differentiate this program from the rest will be the skills practice sessions, the introduction of putting in Performance Administrators in place to ensure successful implementation & on how to conduct a Performance Consultation session to ensure alignment of performance objectives within a department. These areas can be a great take-away to ensure the successful implementation of an appraisal system.