Business English

Conducted by Mr. Salwin Singh Gill

This program will enable participants to understand the key components of the Communication Cycle. They will develop effective communications tools to improve productivity, and will be able to comprehend Body Language. Today, more than ever, success depends upon the combined cooperation, commitment and action of people.

Presentations are a powerful way to communicate your message to a group. They are opportunities to gather an audience together in one place to tell your point and gather feedback. You can use presentations to persuade the audience to take a particular course of action, to convey information, to gain commitment or to provide a forum for discussion of ideas. The challenge lies in what happens after the presentation is over; is your audience empowered to take action or do they fall back to status quo, or worse.

This unique activity driven program teaches skills that boost personal productivity and relationship building through increased understanding and effective implementation of the presentation process.

This course demonstrates the techniques for effective writing. Bad writing can, and often does, hamper the implementation of an idea or system, especially as most employees do not enjoy writing. By understanding these methods of effective writing, participants will gain the tools to effectively communicate with the decision-makers in their professional careers.

Your ability to express yourself can be your plan of attack to stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Your tongue may be the sword to slay the dragons of fear, waste or mediocrity. Your speech may be the sword that leads your colleagues to the front lines of productivity, quality service and growth.

Nothing makes you more visible in the corporate world than the ability to express yourself before a group. This specially designed program helps develop and refine your public speaking skills, empowering you to use your competitive edge in expressing your intentions while upholding the integral values of what your corporate or product branding stands for.

Read ten different emails from ten different people and you will come across a slew of writing styles that reflects a wide gap in email communication and a huge variation in tone. The beauty of email is that it gives you freedom to be casual or formal and your style can change based on who you write to and what you write. Although there may not be one approved standard of email practice which is globally recognized, you will discover the most effective and efficient way to get your message across in style and impact.

This fun, hands-on, one day program teaches skills that boost personal effectiveness through increased understanding and implementation of the email process. It helps sharpen the email skills of even experienced email users, empowering you to take advantage of every opportunity and convey your point across in a clear and concise manner.

en more authentic, participants will encounter the first and foremost hurdle of dealing with telephone calls; that is not being able to see the person he/she is communicating with. This lack of visual communication often makes individuals, who can communicate quite successfully in other situations, nervous thereby hindering their communicative abilities.

To consolidate the participant’s communication skills, the program will also introduce the 3R's; Regret, Reason, Remedy, that will assist participants to deal with situations where he/she is unable to give a favourable answer to the caller. With the 3R's well-executed, the caller will respond more positively to such situations.

Power is perception and body language creates powerful perceptions. For HR Managers & Executives, to those who deal most with human behavior and actions, this is a program to definitely look into. How do you handle employees who are strategic & tactical when they plan, scheme & plot, when they are deceptive? Do you know how to compare their deceptive body language to their baseline behavior? Can you detect deception from body cues? Do you know what liars do and do not do to avoid giving themselves away? Do you really understand sexual harassment? Learn how to react and act in tandem with the various cues from body language around you.