The Secretarial & Administrative functions are integral to an organization. No organization can function smoothly without it. However, many aspects of it are neglected or taken for granted. This is a waste since the potential cost savings in efficiency and effectiveness can be substantial. Not to mention the fact that a successful support team can greatly enhance an organization's image, foster goodwill and a more contented workforce. effective and highly trained support staff frees the minds of executives, managers and directors to concentrate on the main essentials of the business.

This program demonstrates the techniques for effective writing. Bad writing can, and often does, hamper the implementation of an idea or system, especially as most employees do not enjoy writing. By understanding these methods of effective writing, participants will gain the tools to effectively communicate with the decision-makers in their professional careers.

Managing documents and filing systems is often taken for granted in an organization. However, no business can run smoothly without effective records management or filing systems. No transactions can be properly recorded, processes executed with reliability, employees held to account, payments received or emitted, and products/services delivered to your customers' satisfaction without proper and effective support in these areas. It is the administrative function that ensures the smooth flow of daily work in any business. In order to provide that support, your staff who are engaged in these responsibilities as well as those who supervise and manage them, need to UNDERSTAND clearly what constitutes effective record management and how to administer a filing system in your organization.

Administrative personnel are the lynchpin of a smoothly run organization or department. This in turn implies that such professionals must equip themselves with the right kind of know-how and know-what to ensure the able administration of the organization or department. This highly interactive workshop is designed to equip participants with the necessary hard and soft skills of the successful office administrator.

This program focuses on the use of lectures, role playing and heavy class interaction where participants utilize their skills in real-life simulations prior to actually applying them at work. The end result is incredible! Meetings become focused, efficient, quick, targeted and, most importantly, have a productive impact on the company's bottom-line. In this highly interactive workshop, participants practice the necessary skills of how to effectively prepare, manage, facilitate, and actively participate in meetings. Participants learn how to improve the productivity of meetings by translating management and behavioural science concepts into practical steps.

An effective administrative and clerical system are vital in an organization in helping reduce the workload of administrative assistants, as well as the workload of executives and other employees. This can be realized through training given to administrative assistants, where their skills and abilities in managing the company's administrative work is improved. Through effective training, the management can count on an efficient and smooth running administrative system so they can focus their attention to areas of developing the company on a macro level.

There is a certain etiquette and decorum to writing appropriate and effective business letters, which differs from the run of the mill standard letters you write. The main goal of drafting a business letter is to ensure that the recipient understands what you want to say without making it too long and dragging, yet at the same time with a certain level of formality. This program will help identify and demonstrate the key points in drafting an effective business letter for the benefit of yourself and the recipient, thus creating a better business relationship via better communication.