Leadership Development Program is the process of encouraging and helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. It is the human factor that helps a group identify where it is going and then motivates it towards its goals. Without leadership and management development in an organization consists only of a group of uncoordinated people and machines. It is likened to an orchestra without a conductor to lead it. An organization requires leadership and the management to develop and stretch its resources to the maximum. Leadership transforms potential into reality.

In most companies, line-leaders and operational employees work on a shift basis while heads of departments and managers execute responsibility only during their normal working hours. Hence, line-leaders are significant “front-line” managers and they should effectively lead, command and manage their respective team members. The move towards the new millennium demands line-leaders and supervisors who are more professional and competent in their jobs. It is designed to equip line leaders with the right leadership skills that enable them to perform their daily tasks of working with people effectively and efficiently at their workplace.

Without their support staff, managers cannot perform their job effectively and efficiently. The backbone of the manager needs to be strengthened in terms of productivity, attitude, performance, etc. This program is set to enhance and upgrade individuals to perform their jobs confidently through effective working skills, appropriate knowledge and right attitude.